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Pvc Air Blowing Mold

1. design part made from high quality Aluminum by casting. The hardness of Cavity and core mould reach to HR85, can resist high pressure and high temperature from machinery .
2. well-designed mould construction makes upper part and design part matched well. They are high precision and long-term life. as the cavity and core moulds are made by CNC,
3. shoe last offered by scanning matched with foot perfect, and making it feel comfortable
4. easy operation, high efficiency, lower production cost.
5. mainly used for making casual shoes , safety shoes ,Hiker shoes and so on
6. Used for Italian Main-group, GUSBI, DESMA Automatic PVC DIP machinery
Complete learning process of shoe mold design
1. Know the popular shoe mold design software such as AutoCAD2004, cadkey2008, Cimatron it13.0, rhino4.0, etc
2. Understand the concept, structure and production process of sole, shoe material and shoe mold, classification of sports shoes, structure of sports shoes, sole materials, mold materials, and manufacturing process of shoe molds
3. Understand the general process of the front and back section of the mold factory, familiar with the general process of development, 2D, 3D, programming
Mold factory general structure and process, design part of the work and operation process
2D specific operation steps (2D), 3D specific operation steps (3D)
4. Professional terms and English Vocabulary
Sole structure, explanation of professional terms (illustration), engineering drawing explanation, material, English words
1. Learn to use scanners
2. Drawing with Auto CAD
3. Take die mouth plate, bottom plate, peripheral plate, side wall panel, etc
4. Bottom adjustment flower, side wall, three views
5. Draw keel, section and set pattern drop
6. Draw front and back view
7. Complete engineering drawing and marking
8. Organize layers
9. Find 3D die, lower corner, upper and outer, enlarge surface and chamfer
10. Make base flower and side wall pattern
11. Finishing processing line 12. File arrangement and conversion
13. Write cam program
14. Form removal and shrinkage
15. Draw the mold drawing to determine the mold structure and specification
16. Put the code
17. Print the engineering drawing and draw the comparison board of various molds and finished products

Post time: Jun-19-2021