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Intelligent mold manufacturing is the future of mold development, and molds made by experience will definitely be eliminated!

        The mold manufacturing industry has been very difficult in the past two years. In the next few years, many mold injection colleagues will have a hard time. Many mold and injection molding companies have been forced to close down. In fact, it is not a bad thing to eliminate some companies. The older generation of molders often rely on experience to make molds, and their thinking is generally stubborn. They believe too much in experience and their thinking cannot keep up with the development of the mold industry. Eliminating old companies is actually eliminating old mold manufacturing methods and mold technicians who cannot keep up with the development of the industry. In the era of knowledge economy, are you still making molds with old ideas?


        With the gradual improvement of analysis software and the rapid technological advancement of processing equipment and testing equipment, the software can analyze and simulate the entire manufacturing process in advance. Our equipment can fully guarantee the accuracy of processing and manufacturing, which makes the experience less and less reliable. . In the process of mold technology and management for many years, I believe more and more in data, have the ability of systematic data analysis and be able to find the rules from the analysis results, and the formation of standards is the ability that molders should have. In the era of knowledge economy, it is necessary to use knowledge to change the mold manufacturing mode. In the future, "mold manufacturing" will be eliminated, and "mold intelligent manufacturing" is the future of mold technology development. Old mold companies will accelerate their elimination, and the future mold manufacturing industry will rapidly change in the following development directions.

one. Pay attention to preliminary analysis
With the development of analysis software, pre-analysis software will receive special attention.

1. After the product design is completed, strength analysis, simulation analysis and software simulation analysis under various operating conditions can be carried out, and the analysis data can be used to guide the product design. Avoid waste in the product manufacturing process, while shortening the product development process, and the preliminary analysis will improve the accuracy of product design.

2. The mold flow analysis before mold design can simulate the entire filling process of the product, provide important theoretical reference data for mold design and injection molding, and can effectively improve the success rate of mold development.

3. The mold structure simulation analysis software can analyze the strength of the mold and simulate the condition of the mold under conditions such as stress and temperature, allowing mold development and technical personnel to discover risks in advance and avoid subsequent repeated mold modifications and even failure of the mold as a whole.

4. Before the actual processing of the mold parts, the software can also be used to simulate the processing, confirm the correctness and then actually move the knife to process, to avoid actual losses.


two. Attach importance to data analysis and data analysis capabilities
After the theoretical analysis is completed, the actual manufacturing process is to be carried out. Our technicians must have systematic data collection and data analysis capabilities, and effectively weigh and use these data to continuously improve production. It is even necessary to do relevant experiments and verifications to standardize the results. For long-term large amounts of repeated use of data, it is necessary to consider using software to complete. In the future, mold technicians with system data analysis capabilities will change the manufacturing mode of the mold industry, and knowledge and technology will be more valuable.

three. Pay attention to standardization and modularization
When mold design masters big data, a large number of mold parts will be standardized, and standardized parts will form various modules. At present, each mold manufacturer has its own standards, and the technical level is uneven. In the future, there will be professional companies specializing in standardized parts and modular mold components. Designing molds is like piling up wood, standard parts and standardized mold parts can be purchased directly. Mold design only needs to design the product forming part, and reasonably stack various standard components.

Four. 3D printing technology will be widely used in the field of mold manufacturing
With the development of 3D printing technology, 3D metal printing technology will be widely used in the mold manufacturing industry, and it may change mold design and mold manufacturing subversively. At present, 3D printing in the mold industry is only printing 3D conformal cooling water channels, etc. In the future, it is very likely that precision parts or even complete molds will be printed. The mold processing method will be completely changed, and it is not impossible.

five. A large number of professional technical service companies will appear in the mold industry
In the future, there will be a large number of professional technical service companies in the mold industry, providing professional technical services in all aspects for mold factories. For example, there will be a large number of companies that design products, mold flow analysis, simulation structure analysis, strength analysis, mold design, programming services and complete technical solutions for program companies. The mold factory will change the model of Xiaoerquan, leaving only the work that needs to be completed by processing equipment such as mold parts processing and assembly. There will certainly be mold colleagues who do not agree with my analysis. So much information is not easy to communicate in a company, and various departments often rant. It is impossible for a mold factory to cooperate with so many technical service companies at the same time. These are not problems. The development of IT network and cloud technology will actually give us great technical support, and there will be many integrated technical service platforms, so everything can be completed on the platform.

        The above is my personal opinion. No matter how the mold industry develops in the future, I believe that the intelligent manufacturing of molds is the future, and the power of one person is limited. Today I will share my thoughts with friends in the industry and hope to open you up. To face the future together. If you have any different opinions and good ideas, you can leave a comment below to add and share.

Post time: Dec-16-2021