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How to clean the rubber sole mold without damaging the mold

When it comes to sole mold cleaning, it is a difficult problem in production; this is because the sole mold will leave some sulfide on the mold during the production process, and carbon deposits will form at high temperatures for a long time, and these carbon deposits will lead to The poor efficiency of the product increases; in order to solve such problems, dry ice cleaning technology can be tried at present.

When cleaning the sole mold, the traditional cleaning method is to soak the mold, then wipe it with soapy water, and perform manual scratching; although this cleaning method is effective, the cleaning time is long, and it is easy to clean with this method for a long time. Damage to the mold, resulting in misalignment of mold tolerances. For this kind of problem, it is a relatively annoying thing for production and factories; in order to solve such problems: factory supervisors also use a variety of methods - sandblasting cleaning, potion immersion, ultrasonic cleaning, mold washing water, etc., But now more and more attention is paid to environmental protection issues in various places, so dry ice cleaning shoe sole molds has its own advantages.

Dry ice cleaning machine structure diagram

Dry ice cleaning machine structure diagram

Dry ice cleaning shoe sole molds can be cleaned with hot molds online without disassembling the molds, and the manufacturing cost of dry ice is also low, which not only solves the problem of mold tolerance misalignment, but also solves the problem of environmental pollution; it mainly reduces cleaning costs and improves cleaning efficiency. , and also solved the technical problem of cleaning personnel.

Post time: Feb-21-2022