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How to choose a blister mold?

      According to the different materials used, the current blister molds can be divided into wood molds, bakelite molds, plaster molds, copper molds, aluminum molds, etc. The material cost, production cost, production cycle and scope of application of various molding molds are all The differences are summarized as follows:
1. Substitute wood model
      The material is substitute wood, the material cost is relatively high (the size is 500*500, about 4.5 yuan/MM), CNC processing is required, the production cycle is short, usually a few hours, and it is easy to polish and punch. The material is also relatively brittle, so it is most suitable for proofing when there are 3D graphics files, not for production.
2. Bakelite mold
      The material is bakelite, about 20 yuan per kilogram, and CNC processing is required. The production cycle is slightly longer than that of Yokogi, and it is more difficult to grind and punch than Yoogi. The material has a certain strength and is suitable for proofing and small batch production in the case of 3D graphics files.
3. Plaster mold
      The material is gypsum powder, which is easy to make and modify. Generally, a single mold only takes 1 to 3 days, and the cost is low. Because it is relatively brittle and difficult to dissipate heat, plaster molds are generally used to make samples by hand when there are samples, not for production.
4. Copper mold
      The copper mold first needs to use plaster molds to make a model, then take the model to plate the copper, and then fill it with gypsum. The material cost and production cost are medium. Counting the time to make the plaster mold, the production cycle of the full-page mold generally takes 7 to 10 days. The surface finish of the copper mold is good, and the strength can meet the general production requirements. It is one of the widely used blister molds.
5. Blister aluminum mold
      The material cost and production cost are the highest, about 5-10 times that of the copper mold. Generally, the production cycle of the full-page mold is about 5-10 days. Due to the CNC machining, the consistency of the cavity is the best, the surface can be polished or sprayed with Teflon, and the ideal surface finish and good demoulding effect can be obtained. It is a guarantee for the production of high-quality plastic products;              aluminum heat dissipation It is fast, and the mold temperature can be controlled by the circulating water cooling system when necessary, so the molding efficiency is high; the aluminum material has good strength and can produce complex cavities and thin walls, which is a must for complex products. Therefore, aluminum molds are suitable for mass production, high product requirements, complex product cavities or high ribs. Although the cost is the highest, due to the high production efficiency, if the product batch reaches a certain number, the labor and electricity savings will far exceed the cost of the mold!
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Post time: Aug-25-2021