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Heartfelt words for the development of mold enterprises

Opening couplet:
Gossip about models, true and false, chatting and laughing
In the words, the sword and the gun are false and true.
Horizontal criticism: stubborn iron theory
The management of mold enterprises is the knowledge of employing people, uniting people’s hearts and making good use of personnel will make the enterprise prosperous. On the contrary, it is often in vain, or even worsening.
1. A wide heart can lead to a great career, and a boat can be carried only when the water is deep
If you want to attract mold talents, you must first improve the corporate image and the quality of managers.
During the Three Kingdoms period, Liu Bei was incompetent and incompetent, but he stood on a three-legged stand with Cao Cao and Sun Quan, because he had a counselor Zhuge Liang inside and generals Zhao, Guan and Zhang outside. In the war-torn years of the feudal lords, Liu Bei was considered a virtuous man by comparison. Influenced by feudal morality, these geniuses and warriors made a mediocre person tend to lead their whole life, so that in the face of a more incompetent and incompetent A Dou, they were loyal and unswerving to the death.
It can be seen that a successful entrepreneur does not necessarily have perfect professional knowledge and skilled business skills, but he must be a person with quality, culture and cohesion. He uses subtle methods to make a large number of skilled craftsmen willing to work for him. What makes people sigh is that many companies stop at a certain stage of development, or even turn sharply down. Most of the reasons are related to the quality of managers themselves.
Advice: A broad heart can lead to a great career, and a boat can be carried when the water is deep.
2. There are no wrong people, only wrong people
When a mold boss fired an incompetent production manager, he said angrily: I used the wrong person! Actually, not necessarily so.
In the era of Yao, Shun, and Yu, the system of concession was implemented, and the ruler voluntarily gave up his seat to a virtuous person. Sun Yat-sen was the last supporter of the concession system, but unfortunately he lost sight of it and handed over the achievements of the revolution to Chiang Kai-shek. The principle of the ancestors is to let people be virtuous. Although morality is important, sometimes virtue cannot solve problems. Therefore, people who have no virtue but have other special abilities are also indispensable.
Of course, excellent moral character is a prerequisite for creating good results. Employees who love their jobs and work hard are more likely to create extraordinary performance; however, adding a hundred people with high moral character together is sometimes less practical than a rogue. A group is a game of chess, with chariots, horses, guns, soldiers, familiarity? In fact, each piece has its function and positioning. At the critical moment, one pawn can determine the winner or loser.
So it’s not that the production manager shouldn’t be using it, it’s just being misplaced. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Find a way to play a person’s strengths and avoid his weaknesses at the same time. This is the smart way to employ people.
Advice: There are no wrong people, only wrong people.
3. Spread the word and listen to the words that are against the ears
It is easy to get into trouble because of a person’s ability, or to be planted in the same pit many times. Unfortunately, the right to speak is always in the hands of a few upper-level people, and the voices of the grassroots are often ignored due to the slightest voice, and even the lower-level people have no chance to speak at all. Until the problem is exacerbated, or unnecessary losses have been caused, it will not be repaired.
In today’s society, those who are incompetent at work and who are slouch are always better at climbing and getting along better than those who are down-to-earth. Is it because those who do it really don’t know how to be flexible, are the managers dizzy, or are those flattering people exquisite? This is an inconclusive question.
Might as well build a platform to connect from top to bottom, listen to the voices from different classes, let Xingde speak more, flatter less, and develop a wider road. Tang Taizong can still put down the air and bow to accept remonstrance, let alone an entrepreneur? Of course, that being said, if you really want to implement it, I am afraid it will be difficult.
Poetry of Remonstrance: Open words to seek development, to distinguish between loyal and traitor. There is a great road in a small voice, and the remonstrance is wide.
4. Enterprises lose weight and are immune to all diseases
Obesity is a major social disease faced by mankind in the 21st century, and corporate obesity is a problem that all enterprises need to solve urgently.
The reasons for corporate obesity are as follows: an incompetent supervisor has three ways out, the first is to retire and make way; the second is to hire a competent person to assist; the third is to employ two lower-level people as assistants.
Dear reader, if you were the supervisor, which one would you choose? (Think for a minute, jot down your choices in your mind, then read on to see the author analyze it for you.)
The person who chooses the first path is either a saint or a brainless person. How can a roast duck that reaches its mouth let it fly!
Those who choose the second path are absolutely incompetent, because that capable person will become a threat to him and is likely to replace him;
Only the third way is the most suitable, two mediocre assistants sharing the work of the supervisor, who commands the command from the top, and sits back and relaxes. If the two assistants are not enough, they will work together and find two more incompetent assistants for themselves. And so on, forming a bloated organization, overstaffed, arguing with each other, blaming each other, and an inefficient leadership team.
Let us infer, how many mold companies have incompetent supervisors?
The consequence of overstaffing is that the boss pays more wages; the scary thing is that there are many idiots among these managers, which will cause mediocrity to make mistakes and bring losses to the enterprise; what’s more, among the idiots, there will be three or two more A small person, then the business is in trouble. The villain’s specialty is not only misdeeds, but also bad things.
Advice: To form a shrewd and healthy team is like pruning a tree, cutting off the branches and leaves that do not bear fruit, and keeping the fruit. Otherwise, it will inevitably affect the harvest.
Five. Distinguish between right and wrong, relatives and virtues are far away
In addition to obesity, enterprises have a common problem, that is, hair loss. Hair loss refers to the instability of corporate personnel and excessive turnover.
Most of the reasons for the departure of an employee are related to the director who has a direct relationship with him. In other words, interpersonal relationships in an enterprise are the biggest driver of mobility. Don’t think that a grassroots worker is not worthy of attention, even if the status is low, it is a useful talent for the company.
New Theory of Talents: Anyone who is competent for his own job, regardless of status or type of work, is a talent. The brain drain is a big pity for companies, and it is even more regrettable that companies do not take it seriously.
As the saying goes, “Everyone has their own ambitions”, but some people’s great ambitions are to tell lies, lie and spread rumors, and some people’s ambitions are even greater because they believe in rumors.
For example: Zhang San doesn’t like Li Si well, so he always complains to the supervisor. If this supervisor is upright and humorous, facing Zhang San’s face, he will say humorously: “The company is planning to open a small report department, and I am going to promote you to be the section chief.” In this way, after Zhang San No longer dare to tell others. If the supervisor was shrewd, he would say to Zhang San, “I heard about this too. If there is any news in the future, please report it at any time.” He praised Zhang San, and at the same time, quietly verified the matter. If the supervisor is the third type, unfortunately, the company will lose people’s hearts, because this type of person hears that the wind is rain, has no own thinking and opinions, and is easily influenced by others. This type of person managing the company will only make a group of outstanding employees who are unknown and hard-working have nowhere to go, and finally are forced to choose to leave, and make those slanderers feel proud.
A hair is inconspicuous, but it can reflect some truth. It is the best management strategy to be able to see the details and prevent problems before they occur.
Advice: Healthy teams appreciate each other, not destroy each other.
6. Bright eyes and a bright heart and the history as a mirror
Inequality and injustice are the biggest hatred of Chinese people, and also the biggest reason why mold companies lose their hearts.
In the early stage of enterprise development, this kind of injustice is not very obvious. Once it develops to a certain stage (or due to some supervisors), the problem will be seen in the end, because everyone has selfish thoughts, and this problem is an incurable disease.
Looking at history, the rise and fall and replacement of dynasties are connected by a series of killings. After the unification of the world, in order to prevent the fall of power, the rulers deliberately launched political changes, setting off a bloody storm. Liu Bang killed Han Xin, Zhu Yuanzhang killed heroes, and so on. Song Taizu Zhao Kuangyin’s method is full of humanity. He dominated the regime with only a banquet (historically known as a cup of wine to release military power). In the workplace, such political changes are commonplace. Han Xin’s sigh before his death seemed to have become a curse of immortality: Tall birds hide their bows, cunning rabbits die and lackeys cook, and the enemy’s scheming ministers perish.
It is true that those who can achieve great things are ruthless and hard-working. Therefore, killing the donkey has become a tactic used by many business owners. However, this will have a negative impact on the enterprise and is not conducive to development.
The management of workers must be both kind and generous, soft and hard, convincing, respectful and awe-inspiring, so as to fully mobilize the enthusiasm and ownership of the employees, so as to promote the rapid development of the enterprise.
Advice: The amount of space you give employees, the employees will return you how much profit

Post time: Jan-11-2022